(Part One)


It is Wild Kitchen + Bar’s policy to hire only United States citizen and aliens who are authorized to work in this country. As required by law, employees will be required to provide original documents that establish this authorization within three days of their date of hire. If the documents are not provided within the three-day period, we have no choice, under the law but to terminate the employee until the appropriate documents are provided. Employees and employers are both required to complete a form furnished by the Department of Labor, form I-9. In Section 1 of form I-9, the information provided by the employee must be valid and authentic. If at any time during an employee’s employment, it is discovered that any document used was invalid or not authentic, the employee must, by law, be immediately terminated.


Wild Kitchen + Bar is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Employment decisions, such as hiring, promotion, compensation, training and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other nondiscriminatory factors.


Employees who are required to take orders for or serve alcoholic beverages, as per the law, must be at least 18 years of age. Hosts who are under the age of 18 will not work in the miniature golf clubhouse.


You have been through our employee selection process, have been selected for employment and appear to have the potential to develop into a successful employee. However, we want the opportunity to begin the training period, get to know you, see how you fit in with your co-workers and determine if you are willing and able to carry out the responsibilities for the position in which you were hired. It’s also important for you to get to know us and become familiar with how we operate to find out if this job is a good fit.  We, therefore, have a 90 day probationary period for that purpose referred to above. The 90 day period allows both you and the company to see whether or not it’s a good fit and if not, part ways amicably. During the Probationary Period you will begin your training and be observed by management. Also, during this time if you feel you do not understand what’s expected of you or that you need additional training, we encourage you to ask questions and seek additional help from our management staff. 


To help you be successful in your job you will receive adequate training. You will not be expected to be on your own until you are ready. Please ask questions if you need clarification on anything. You will participate in detailed training programs and receive training materials to help you perform your job the right way. Your trainers are considered our “best” and have been certified to train for that position. We spend considerable time and money educating our trainers to prepare each new employee for their job. We want you to be a knowledgeable and productive member of our staff. 


All staff will participate in 360 reviews in order to provide feedback for staff and management. Additionally, we use surveys to gather important feedback from our employees. 


Schedules are posted weekly, typically on Thursdays for the following week (Monday – Sunday). Each employee is responsible for working the shifts assigned to you. The company reserves the right to have the authority to make any changes to employee hours should an employee not follow proper procedures. Please ensure all schedule requests are in by Wednesday at 12:00 pm, one week prior to the release of the schedule. 

You should arrive for your shift with enough time to make sure that you are ready to work when your shift begins. We suggest that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your shift so you have time to get settled and ready for your shift. You should clock in when your shift begins and be ready to start work immediately. Please do not clock in earlier than 5 minutes before your shift start time without management approval.

Once schedules are posted, schedule changes may be allowed only if you find a replacement and get a manager’s approval. To be valid, the manager must approve on 7shifts. The restaurant usually requires high levels of staff on or around holidays, sports ball, and other special events. We understand that you have a life outside of the restaurant and will always try to find a way to work with you on your schedule requests. We do, however, ask you to remember just how crucial each position is to the proper functioning of the restaurant. Please remember that even though we will try to comply with your requests, there is no assurance that you will get the requested time off.


In accordance with Federal Minimum Wage law, employees are paid overtime when they work more than 40 hours in one week. Hourly employees are paid at one and one-half times their basic straight time rate for all overtime hours worked. Hourly employees must get management approval prior to accumulating overtime.  

Please note, salary managers may be exempt from overtime if their job description meets exemption criteria.