You may clock in within 5 minutes of the start of your shift. All hourly employees are given an employee ID number to clock in and out on the restaurant’s timekeeping system. 

If you need a correction to your clock in or out time, you must ask a manager to adjust your time and physically watch them change it in the system within 24 hours. 


As an employee of a restaurant, all the tips you receive, whether in cash or included in a credit card transaction, is taxable income to you. You are required, by federal law, to report and record your actual tips for each shift.  We strongly encourage you to accurately report your tip income. This will reduce the chances of you being audited by the IRS and allows you to qualify for greater social security, unemployment and worker’s compensation benefits. While you are responsible for reporting all of your tip income, the restaurant may be required to allocate additional tip income to any tipped employee that does not declare at least 8% of their gross sales as tip income.

At the end of each shift, tipped employees must disclose on the server check-out form, the amount of credit card tips and total tips less any tips shared with any other employees. 8% of all alcohol sales are tipped out to the bar. 1% of food sales are tipped out to food runners only if scheduled. Guidelines for tipping out employees may change Your tips will be recorded and reflected in total on your paycheck stub. All credit card tips will be reflected on your paycheck.




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Your record in Paylocity, which is our employee portal for your direct access to all things payroll and HR record updates. Please keep in mind that you must first register in the portal to set up a new user account and password (click "Register User" on the lower right hand corner of login screen). It may take up to 2 weeks for your record to be created prior to being able to register. Check with HR director if you have any questions.

Visit to access your employee portal.    

  The Company ID: 80513

Wild Kitchen + Bar uses a direct deposit system for paychecks. Paper checks may be picked up Friday after 2:00 pm. 


We encourage our employees to use social media to share and promote the values of Wild Kitchen + Bar. Employees should protect the privacy, integrity, and values of Wild Kitchen + Bar and must adhere to these guidelines:

·      Employees are welcome to participate in social media to promote Wild Kitchen + Bar’s service, products, brands, and workplace.  It is a great venue to reach current and future customers, improve our customer service and strengthen our presence in the community. Employees should be respectful, knowledgeable and courteous when discussing Wild Kitchen + Bar, our customers, and our vendors.

·      Employees are prohibited from engaging in any communication that pertains to discrimination, sexual harassment, and confidential business practices of Wild Kitchen + Bar.

·      Employees are prohibited from participating in any communication that belittles or ridicules the value of Wild Kitchen + Bar’s products or services and any name-calling or negative behavior that damages the employee, other employees, the Restaurant, our vendors, or our customers.

·      Since there is no privacy in the social media arena, employees should be aware that Wild Kitchen + Bar follows communications about the Restaurant through various social media monitoring programs.

It is important to remember that these guidelines must be followed both at work and during the employee’s own personal time.  Wild Kitchen + Bar must protect our brand and values, so failure to follow these guidelines may result in termination of employment.


All employees are expected to work on a regular, consistent basis and complete their regularly scheduled hours per week. Excessive absenteeism may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Disciplinary action taken because of absenteeism will be considered on an individual basis, following a review of the employee’s absentee and overall work record.

·      If you are going to be late or miss work, employees are expected to call and talk to the manager at least 3 hours before they are scheduled to work.

·      Any employee who does not call or report to work will be considered to have voluntarily resigned their employment.

·       To return to work from an accident or medical leave, employees may be asked to present a doctor’s release for repetition of similar complaints and / or after 3 consecutives days off. 


Employees must be prepared to start work promptly at the beginning of the shift. Always arrive at the Restaurant 10 to 15 minutes before your shift. Your scheduled time is the time you are expected to be on your job, not arrive at Wild Kitchen + Bar. Repeated tardiness is grounds for termination. If it is not possible for you to begin work at your scheduled time, call the Manager on duty at the restaurant.


You are requested to give a two-week notice of your plans to leave the restaurant. A notice is important so that we have time to hire someone to take your place. Giving a two-week notice is a professional courtesy and assures that you are eligible for re-hire and will not have a “left without resignation notice” on your employment record.